Dr. Indrani Pal hosts, INV52C: Adapting to Climate Change: Innovative Solutions for Building Water Resilience to Long-Term Meteorological and Hydrological Change through the American Geophysical Union in Chicago, IL, USA.

Increasing global temperature and atmospheric moisture has altered meteorology and hydrology around the world. The global hydrological cycle is intensifying. Consequences include more extreme water events: increasingly-severe droughts & floods. The human fingerprint on rainfall patterns has been mapped; satellite imagery clearly shows how climate change and human developments are impacting the water cycle. But opportunities to adapt, adopt and invest in innovative solutions are often missed. Farmers, businesses, and cities could better manage climate change-related risks to water by rapidly adopting solutions for managing drought, desertification, forest fire, flooding, water quality, algal blooms and other consequences of an intensifying hydrological cycle. Yet, awareness of tools for building water-related resilience & expertise needed to sustainably deploy them effectively is lacking. Through this session, we seek engineers, policy makers, farmers, real estate representatives, climate psychologists, climate and water scientists, medical doctors, climate and water technology innovators, entertainers, risk managers, and educators. A multi- and inter-disciplinary panel transcending traditional domains and overcoming ‘siloing’ to inform the conversation and connect the dots between human health, community wellness, education, living labs, and financial solutions to urgent problems for immediate impacts. A discussion intended to translate academic research and ‘real world’ experience into practical actions for managing climate-related water risk. This session was of particular interest to individuals & institutions interested in practical solutions to Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) concerns related to water.

We also held a special panel also, entitled: “INV23C: The Future of Water & Climate Adaptation”.

‘If climate change is the shark, then water is its teeth.’ Mr. János Áder, President of Hungary, 31 August 2017   
We feel the effects of climate change first through water. Variations in the global water cycle are driving unprecedented change in our societies & the global economy. Change in the geographic abundance & distribution of water is creating social, economic & environmental pressure to adapt. Pressure that we cannot ignore, if our civilization is to survive. The Future of Water & Climate Adaptation Virtual Panel Discussion brings together an esteemed group of world water experts to answer one fundamental question:

How will we adapt to climate change, through water innovation? 

The panel discussion focused broadly on the major scientific, engineering & policy problems facing the world today, with a particular focus on water equity, women & their inclusion in the water sector. Notable experts contribute these perspectives along with those of the established water industry & innovative startups. This solutions-oriented conversation is intended to identify & outline solutions to global water problems a high-level perspective – One meant to be accessible to a broad audience interested in approaching solutions to climate change through the lens of water. Here water experts from science, infrastructure, industry, engineering, social equity, women’s rights, and from startups come-together. Communicating the value and importance of water equity & innovation to climate change adaptation.

The panel discussion followed by a question & answer period where the audience engaged with the panelists. This panel is intended for a broad audience interested in connecting their applied & scholarly work with the biggest, and largely ignored, problem facing the world today: water change. It served as a primer and introduction to the full-day Innovation Session on Friday, 16 December 2022.