Alex Gilerson

Coastal Remote Sensing, Water Quality

Andrew Maroko

Public Health, GIS, Spatial Analysis, climate

Brian Vant-hull

Atmospheric radiation, Physics of Global Warming

César Ortiz

Office Manager, CUNY CREST Institute

Cheila Cullen

Earth observations, natural hazards, resilience

Claudia Solano

Chief Financial Analyst, Budget Specialist

Dugwon Seo

Extreme weather, renewable energy, remote sensing

Fred Moshary

Lidar, Atmospheric Remote Sensing, Micro-Climate

Hamidreza Norouzi

Remote Sensing, GIS, Hydrology, Urban Climate

Hansong Tang

Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Method, Modeling

Harry Cikanek

Business Development and Entrepreneurship

Holly Porter-Morgan

Urban ecology, Pollination Biology, GIS Mapping

Irina Gladkova

Signal Processing, Data Compression, Machine Learn

Issac Moradi

Data Assimilation, Remote Sensing, Data Analysis

James Booth

Weather, Climate, Hurricanes, Cyclones

Jennifer Cherrier

Aquatic Biogeochemistry, Sustainability, Green Inf

Johnny Luo

Atmospheric Sciences, Convective Dynamics, Remote

Juan C. Mercado

Interdisciplinary Studies, Study Abroad, Exchange

Kaveh Madani

Water, Environmental Justice and Security.

Kibre Tesfagiorgis

Global Flood, Remote Sensing, Hydrology.

Kimberly Huppert

Geodynamics, Geomorphology, Climate

Kyle C. McDonald

Wetlands, Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Ecosystems

Liubov Kreminska

Administrative Director of the Earth System and En

Maria Tzortziou

Remote Sensing, Biodiversity, Ecology, Atmospheric

Marzi Azarderakhsh

Water Resources, Food Security, Hydrological Cycle

Michael Grossberg

Applied Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Visuali

Mitch Goldberg

Satellite Remote Sensing and Data Assimilation

Naresh Devineni

Water Systems, Hydroclimate, Statistical Methods,

Neal Phillip

Chemistry, Earth Sciences, and Environmental Scien

Nir Krakauer

Environmental Science, Climate, Plant Physiology,

Paramita Sen

Chemistry, Earth Sciences, and Environmental Scien

Paul Marchese

STEM Education and Training, Climate Change

Peter Romanov

Research Scientist The City College of New York

Prathap Ramamurthy

Urban Sustainability, Building Energy Use, Boundar

Reginald Blake

Climate Change, Urban Climate; Satellite Remote Se

Reza Khanbilvardi

Remote Sensing, Hydrology, Water Resources

Shakila Merchant

Ecosystem Services, Education and Training

Smita Dewan

Human trafficking, Immigrants, Refugees, Social Wo

Spencer Hill

Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Change, Monsoons

Srishti Tyagi

Communication Manager, Website Management

Sunil Bhaskaran

Geospatial Techniques, Disaster management, Remote

Tarendra Lakhankar

Environmental Remote Sensing, Snow, Weather, Clima

Te Pei

Geohazards and Georisks, Geotechnical Engineering,

YingLi Tian

Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Medical Imaging