Student Highlights

The CUNY CREST Institute is filled with so many talented students and we feel that it is important to recognize the successes of our students and to showcase them to our whole community.

Click below to learn about a recent publication by our esteemed students!

Meet Said A. Mejia Manrique!

Doctoral Candidate
Civil Engineering
CUNY City College of New York

Flood Impacts on Critical Infrastructure in a Coastal Floodplain in Western Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria

Meet Juan P. Montoya-Rincon!

Doctoral Candidate
Mechanical Engineering
CUNY City College of New York

On the Use of Satellite Nightlights for Power Outages Prediction

Meet Dr. Jeongwoo Hwang!

Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Earth and Environmental Engineering
Columbia University

An Improved Zhang’s Dynamic Water Balance Model Using Budyko-Based Snow Representation for Better Streamflow Predictions