CREST Institute Welcomes Dr. Marzi Azarderakhsh, CREST alumina, as an Associate Professor at CUNY New York City College of Technology

CUNY Remote Sensing Earth Systems Institute is pleased to announce that Dr. Marzi Azarderakhsh has joined this institute as an Associate Professor. She joins CUNY New York City College of Technology, department of Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology started this semester. Dr. Azarderakhsh completed her PhD in Civil Engineering in 2011 at the CUNY Graduate Center and CUNY CREST. She joined Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) in 2014 after spending 3 years as post-doctoral researcher at the Cross Road Initiatives. She served as an assistant and later as associate professor at FDU for 8 years before returning to CUNY.

Her research has focused on the applications of remote sensing in various environmental and climate studies such as monitoring lakes water quality, global land surface temperature, studying wetlands, and freeze and thaw. She has authored and co-authored numerous journal publications including those in collaboration with CUNY CREST scientists.

In the short time since joining CUNY again, she has been awarded a grant funding through CUNY Black, Race and Ethnic Studies Initiative (BRESI) program to study the environmental justice and urban heat island impacts in New York City. In addition, she leads a new funded project to study the impacts of climate change on Adirondack Lakes using satellite observations. 

Please join us to welcome Dr. Marzi Azarderakhsh to CUNY CREST and wish her best of luck!