On July 27th, 2023, the City University of New Remote Sensing Earth System Institute York High School Initiative in Remote Sensing of the Earth Systems Engineering and Sciences (CUNY CREST HIRES) & Summer Bridge and CUNY New York City College of Technology National Science Foundation (NSF) Undergraduate Research Program (REU) & NSF IUSE summer interns visited the US. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service New York, Upton NY.  

Upon arrival, interns were greeted by the NWS NY officials Dr. Dave Radell and Mr. Nelson Vaz, who provided an overview of NWS to the interns. 

Summer Interns at the National Weather Service lab 

Further, interns participated in activities where they took outdoor measurements with sling psychrometers, viewed Satellite/Radar in the NWS Conference room and went on NWS Tour of Operations floor. They also conducted a 18 oz weather balloon launch.

Interns conducting Sling Psychrometer experiments in the NWS campus

Interns participated with great enthusiasm in each activity and enjoyed it. One of the 2023 CUNY CREST Summer Bridge and CUNY CREST HIRES Mentor, Lesly Munoz said, “Being part of a community of environmental and general science enthusiasts is an honor but I’m always astound to have the opportunity to visit and learn about the many branches of NOAA. Time and again, I discover that these scientists have the same optimism and commitment to helping communities, as I do and that helps me to keep going and continue to aspire to become a NOAA scientist. I knew about NWS since I was very young because I loved to learn when it would rain and collect rainfall for my plants. Outside the NWS office  , there was a rain where scientists physically measured rainfall with a ruler. It was interesting to understand that while collecting data can be simple, it is complex to analyze storm movements and its impact upon NY using the GOES and other satellite systems. Beyond analysis, it is fascinating to see in-person how this agency goes beyond collecting data and also plays an important role in communicating to the public such as the aviation Centers (JFK and Newark) and even the NOAA headquarters in Washington, DC. Overall, I admire meteorologists and satellite systems and love connecting the same to my own interests in environmental science and exploring my remote sensing ideas for the future.”

Summer Interns noting measurement from with sling psychrometers

Commenting on the visit, CUNY CREST HIRES Director, Dr. Shakila Merchant said, “we have been collaborating with NY NWS team since summer of 2009, to engage early career students in Weather Balloon Launches and learn NOAA’s mission of serving science and society, and each trip brings great enthuse and experiential learning opportunities for the NYC/CUNY interns.”

Interns were deeply engaged and learned a lot of new things about the workings of the forecast office. They journaled their experience. was a fulfilling and eventful visit. CUNY CREST is thankful to the NOAA NWS for hosting its summer interns.