Meet Elsuida Hoxha!

Elsuida Hoxha is in her 1st year of the Ph.D. program in the Civil Engineering Department (GSoE). Hoxha’s dissertation advisor is Associate Professor Naresh Devineni.  She works focused on water risk, particularly drought risk management in reservoirs. Her research interests include developing integrated methodologies for estimate, prediction, and decision assistance at various lead periods to facilitate adaptive risk management. Her case study examines the Colorado area, and some aspects of her thesis conclude by analyzing water stress and creating metrics based on storage deficit. She also focuses on long-duration droughts and flash droughts within the risk measure.

She holds a Master of Science degree in Energy (Building Engineer – Environmental Engineering Department) and a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Albania. Prior to beginning her Ph.D. at CCNY, she worked as a Junior Research and weather forecaster for the Institute of Geosciences and governmental agencies in Albania.