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Topic: MUREP Small Business Technology Transfer Research (M-STTR) Planning Grant

Funding Agency: NASA

Topic: Special Research Grants for Aquaculture Research Program

Funding Agency: National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA)

Topic: FY 2022 Scientific Exchanges Program

Funding Agency: Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA)

Topic:  ​High Education Challenge (HEC) Grants Program

Funding Agency: USDA

Topic: Equipment Grants Program

Funding Agency: USDA

Topic: Preventing the Introduction and Spread of Invasive through Strategic Landscape-Level Approaches

Funding Agency: Fish and Wildlife Service

Topic: NSF Regional Innovation Engines (NSF Engines) Program

Funding Agency: NSF

Topic: Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Computing in Undergraduate Education(IUSE:CUE)

Funding Agency: NSF

Topic: Ecuador New Environmental and Economic Reactivation Partnerships Initiative Agency for International Development

Funding Agency: Agency for International Development Peru USAID-Lima