Joyce Freeling is President of Trendsetters Network and Director of its national Imagine Forward public engagement and education campaign for a sustainable future.

The organization worked with a broad network of city agencies, professional associations, nonprofit groups, and schools on STEM careers and transition to college for disadvantaged New York City students.  The impact of Hurricane Sandy on New York City created a watershed redirection of its work toward climate adaptation solutions, and education for regeneration and revitalization in vulnerable communities. She has joined CUNY CREST as Community Liaison Officer to collaborate on development of solutions for these goals.

As the CUNY CREST Community Liaison, Ms. Freeling will:

  • Create, identify potential business, entrepreneurship and community engagement opportunities with the NYC Metropolitan area

  • Identify and support writing grants, and funding opportunities through federal, state, local and private foundations as deemed appropriate

  • Engage and help coordinate stakeholder meetings, retreats, webinars and fundraising events as deemed appropriate to the CUNY CREST mission

The CUNY CREST Institute welcomes Joyce Freeling to the CUNY CREST Institute with open arms and look forward to having her as part of our team!