CREST HIRES programs goal is to provide resources to student, share experiences and expertise; and identify specific opportunities, challenges, and strategies in order to embark on a journey in an increasingly important part of today’s workforce and economy in the field of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  The program prepares students to be college ready!


How do I become a HIRES student?

HIRES students are selected from a pool of nearly 100 applications from various high schools in New York City. Around 25 students who fit criteria listed here, are selected for the summer internship program. Applications open up in January, with a submission deadline in the month of March of each year. Acceptance email is sent in the month of April. The program is offered between June and August.


Who will I work with as a HIRES student?

HIRES students work with other fellow students, NOAA CREST graduate and undergraduate students, and professors/mentors from multidisciplinary CUNY departments.


What tools and courses will I study as a HIRES student?

HIRES students takes pre-college credit courses (3 credits) in GIS, MATLAB/Python and Remote Sensing.  The coursework can be found here.


What is the structure of the program?

Internship commences with a reception in June, followed by a one-week orientation program (June end).  During the orientation, students get familiar with the faculty, mentors, and staff; are introduced to various tools and labs; along with finalizing their research project.

The 7-week program (July through August), integrates pre-college credit courses (computer analysis; GIS and Remote Sensing – 3 credits); hands-on research; along with learning modules in Earth Sciences and Engineering (ESE).  Students participate in field trips during  course of the program, and present their research at end of the summer program at CUNY STEM Summer Research Symposium.

All Students that complete the entire program will receive a $1000 stipend and 3 college credits.

List of past events can be found here, and photographs from past events can be found here.


What academic and professional experience will I gain from the CREST HIRES program?

HIRES students work on real data and real life projects (Projects 2018, Projects 2017, Projects 2016, Projects 2015 & Projects 2014) pertaining to Earth Science and Engineering (ESE).  As a team, students gather, process, analyze, and present data.  The internship program promotes leadership skills, team work, communication skills, networking, analytical and problem solving skills.  Through field trips, students experience real life application of the science and technology knowledge they have acquired.


How will CREST HIRES program help me in the future?

CREST HIRES program is not only a stepping stone to a future in Earth Sciences and Engineering (ESE), but it is a gateway to several opportunities in the field of STEM.  The program believes in creating an academic interest in STEM education and research, to promote a sustainable workforce in STEM disciplines and careers. The program prepares students to make them college ready.


Where are CREST HIRES alumni now?

Our CREST HIRES alumni updates and testimonials can be found here.


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