Posters of projects for 2016

Project Title Students URL
Evaluating the Effects of the Chemical Oxybenzone on Coral’s Fluorescence Signature Alexandra Seemungal, Andrea Gomez, Kyle McDonald, Samantha Verdugo, Caitlin Tsang, Michael Mateo  Download here
Food Security and Climate Indicators in China Avleen Kaur, Ehsan Najafi, Tarendra Lakhankar  Download here
Evaluating the Effects of Heat Stress on Coral Reflectance Signatures Caitlin Tsang, Andrea Gomez, Kyle McDonald, Samantha Verdugo, Michael Mateo, Alexandra Seemungal  Download here
Inundation Pattern Measurements of Tropical Wetland Ecosystems with Remote Sensing Carlos Alvarez, Ilana Price, Jessika Alvarez, Kat Jensen, Kyle McDonald  Download here
Social Vulnerability: A Comparative Analysis of New Orleans and New York City Chloé Delfau, Chloe Levin, Dr. Brian Vant–Hull, Jose Pillich  Download here
Optimization of New York City’s Reservoir System Clio Chen, Oksana James, Omar Hammad, Naresh Devineni  Download here
Tepmperature and Precipitation Relationships for the NYC Area: Cimatologies and Extremes Cristina Fernandez, Jimmy Booth, Katie Towey  Download here
Impact of urbanization and climate change on streamflow Gnimdou Tchalim, Jovita John-Ogam, Saman Armal  Download here
Analyzing temporal variability in fDOM concentrations at the marsh-estuary interface using remote sensing Justin Cruz,  Jostin Soto Garcia, Usaama Van , Brian T. Lamb, Alana Menendez, Maria Tzortziou  Download here
Food security assessment in U.S. using climate indicators and remote sensing from 1961 to 2011 Lubna Khan, Ehsan Najafi, Tarendra Lakhankar  Download here
Evaluating Coral’s Reflectance Signatures in Response to the Chemical Oxybenzone, and Classification of Coral Reefs using Landsat 8 Imagery Michael Mateo, Andrea Gomez, Kyle McDonald, Caitlin Tsang, Samantha Verdugo, Alexandra Seemungal


 Download here
Satellite Data Processing Mapping & Visualization: Hurricane sandy Niemah Brooks, Paul Alabi, Aye Phyu  Download here
Satellite Data Processing Mapping and Visualization Rory McGriskin, Paul Alabi, Aye Phyu  Download here
Effects of Heat Temperature Stress on Coral’s Symbiotic Algae Fluorescence Signature Samantha Verdugo, Andrea Gomez, Kyle McDonald, Alex Seemungal, Caitlin Tsang, Michael Mateo  Download here
Food security Analysis using remote sensing for India Simatul Rashid, Ehsan Najafi, Tarendra Lakhankar  Download here
Applications of Remote Sensing and In-Situ Measurements for Studying Lateral Carbon Fluxes between Tidal Marshes and Connected Estuarine Waters Usaama Van, Brian Lamb, Justin Cruz, Jostin Soto Garcia, Alana Menendez, Dr. Maria Tzortziou


 Download here
Impact of Urban Climate on Running and Jogging Wesley Lee, Mia O’Brien, Michael Sangobanwo, Yoribaldis Olivo, Prathap Ramamurthy  Download here
Thermal Behavior of Urban Surfaces Studied by Infrared Imaging Antoine Izaguirre , Zachary Grandison,Thomas Legbandt, Fred Moshary  Download here
Fractional Snow Cover: Collection 5 vs Collection 6 Christopher De Jesus, Brandon Zhang, Yves Oubida, James Kasakyan, Hannah Aizenman, Michael Grossberg  Download here


Finding the Right Sunscreen – Pamphlet Alexandra Seemungal, Caitlin Tsang, Samantha Verdugo, Andrea Gomez, and Michael Mateo Download here


Abstracts of projects for 2016


  1. Satellite Detection of Harmful Algal Blooms in the West Florida Shelf. – Ahmed
  2. Interpretation of satellite measurements over the ocean – Gilerson
  3. The Urban Livability Index –  a geospatial tool that identifies vulnerable populations that are susceptible to increased temperatures in New York City.
  4. Wind Instrument Comparison
  5. Crop Yields, Multiple Linear Regression, Food Security
  6. Lidar testing
  7. Examine the annual cycle of precipitation and precipitation extremes in the greater region of New York City.
  8. CREST Urban Summer Field Study – Convection, aerosol, and synoptic effects in the Tropics (CAST) experiment
  9. Characterization of Tropical Wetlands Ecosystems with Radar Remote Sensing
  10. Laboratory Studies of Coral Bleaching
  11. Data Science – Statistical Analysis of NASA’s Collection 6 Snow Product
  12. A Novel Climate Impacts Tool for Managing Risks in Water Utilities
  13. Trends in water, wind and solar resources over recent decades and connections with climate forcings and variability
  14. Satellite Data processing Mapping and Visualization
  15. Impact of urban climate on running and jogging
  16. The impact of urbanization and climate change on streamflow variation
  17. Statistical modeling of river ice
  18. Mapping and Characterizing Chesapeake Bay Wetlands Using Landsat Imagery
  19. Potential of Detecting Freeze and Thaw States Using Microwave Land Surface Emissivity
  20. Evaluation of satellite-based precipitation estimates over the tropical oceans
  21. Sea Ice Concentration Sensitivity Study
  22. How hot does it get in your homes during heatwaves?
  23. Coastal Morphology Changes in Dominican Republic
  24. Energy Efficiency in NYC Municipal Buildings