Project Title Mentor/ Faculty Abstract
Examining Temperature Trends in New York City Triniim Jones, Paul Torres Download here
Analysis Of New York City’s Summer Heat Wave Using  Weather Station Observational Data And Weather Prediction Models Anisul Abedin, Hanif Bhatti Download here
Analyzing the Relationship between Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature and  Snow Freeze/Thaw/Melt in High Mountain Asia Corban Chiu, George Gonzaga, Khaing Hsu Wai Download here
Assessment of Lake Water Quality and Quantity Using Satellite Remote Sensing Jiali Chen, Noel Cercizi, Jireh Garcia Download here
Urban Forecast Predictions Vinuk Ranaweera, Kathan Manchanda, Josue Mendoza, Download here
The Relationship Between Climate and Crip Yields in the USA and China in the Last Few Decades Michael Romero and Cynthia Poon Download here
Characteristics of Extreme Precipitation in Missouri River Basin Robert Palta, Maxwell Aguilar, Mohammed Layachi Download here
Evaluation of the Performance of Satellite Precipitation Estimates against a Radar Gauge Product: Case Studies for Tornadoes Jared Albines , Gabriel Garcia , Mayumy Cordovalozano Download here
Impacts of 2 Major La Nina and El Nino on Food Security for Top 10 Wheat Producing Nations Jolady Nunez, Sean Pena, Russell Chan, Jahnelle Howe Download here
Dionysus Project: Monitoring in Vineyards with Satellite Remote Sensing Kiara Marcano, Axel Brito, Alberto Santiago, Evelin Perez, Nicole Flores, Aaron Davitt Download here
Quantifying the impacts of Extreme Weather Events across the US Ugo Iroh, Alexandria Sanchez, Niloufar Nouri Download here

Proposed projects for 2018

Project Title Mentor/ Faculty Abstract
Vineyards and Remote Sensing Kyle McDonald/Aaron Davitt  Download here
Impact of Climate on Food Security   Indrani Pal/Ehsan Najafi  Download here
 Is the weather getting weirder?  A physical and statistical study of trends in weather variability  Jimmy Booth/Katie Towey/Veeshan Narinesingh  Download here
Floods, Risks and the Whole “Dam” Thing: Flood Estimation Naresh Devineni/Nasser Najibi/Cesar Hincapie  Download here
 Study of location error in Satellite Precipitation Estimates using a radar gauge product   Kibrewossen Tesfagiorgis  Download here
Signals in the Urban Soil  Prathap Ramamurthy/David Melecio-vazquez  Download here
 Big Data and Data Visualization Michael Grossberg/Ronak Etemadpour/Hannah Aizenman  Download here
Downscaling building engergy demands to single building Jorge Gonzalez/Luis Ortiz  Download here
Weather and Air Quality Fred Moshary  Download here
Extreme Droughts and Floods Naresh Devineni/Nasser Najibi  Download here
Historical Data Analysis and Economic Impacts Naresh Devineni/Niloufar Nouri  Download here
Assessment of Water Quality and Quantity using Satellite Remote Sensing Tarendra Lakhankar/Saman Armal  Download here
Extreme Climatic Disasters and Impacts on the World’s Food Systems Indrani Pal/Jahnelle Howe  Download here
Radar Mapping of Snow Melt Over Mountain Glaciers in High Mountain Asia Tarendra Lakhankar  Download here
Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing and Ground-Based Observations in Monitoring Lakes and Urban Surface Temperature Hamid Norouzi/Abdou Bah  Download here
Impact of Climate on Food Security Reza Khanbilvardi/Indrani Pal/Ehsan Najafi  Download here
Pre and Post Hurricane Maria Land-Cover Classification of Puerto Rico Jorge Gonzalez/Nathan Hossannah  Download here