Posters from 2017

Poster Title Student Name Download
Assessing Lake Water Quality and Quantity Using Remote Sensing Aiswariya Suresh  Download here
Assessment of Power Plants at Increased Flood Risk from Upstream Dam Failures in the U.S. Amy Marinez  Download here
Satellite Visualization using VIIRS Imagery over Alaska Andrew Gonzalez  Download here
 Spatiotemporal Variability in Ozone Across Korean Peninsula Annie He  Download here
Sensing the Atmospheric Boundary Layer in New York Cameron Jacobson  Download here
Satellite Processing and Remapping of Aqua and Terra Imagery Data Charles Stamm  Download here
Developing a Comprehensive Geodatabase for Dams Statistics and Properties Genesis Batista  Download here
Keep Complaining Because Satellites Can’t See Underground Jack Hedaya  Download here
Social Vulnerability, Infrastructure and Politics of Hurricane Katrina Joana Nunez, Ezequiel Lantigua, Daniel Hernandez  Download here
 Mean Streets: An analysis on street level pollution in NYC Justin Sanchez, Ottavio Castaldi  Download here
Satellite Visualization of Tropical Storm Erika using VIIRS Imagery Laura Bueno  Download here
The Relationship between Climatic Patterns and Staple Crop Yields in USA, China, and India Nabill Huq, Nirma Golder  Download here
Evaluation of Remote Sensing Reflectance Between LISCO and VIIRS Measurements Over Coastal Waters Pedro Perez  Download here
Global Food Security Parameter Study Using Satellite Remote Sensing Saahir Ganti-Agrawal  Download here
A Simple, Analytic Precipitation Model Sebastian Baez  Download here
Regional Effects on Rainfall in Contrast to Larger Scale Shubhashish Argha  Download here
Historical Analysis of Bridge Collapses due to Flood Risk in the U.S. Tahmid Asif  Download here
 Developing a Comprehensive Geodatabase for Dams: Statistics and Properties  Genesis Batista  Download here

Proposed projects for 2017

Project Title Mentor/ Faculty Abstract
Understanding urban flooding events in the U.S. Indrani Pal  Download here
 Is the weather getting weirder? A physical and statistical study of trends in weather variability  Katherine L. Towey/ James F. Booth  Download here
 Assessment of Lake Water Quality and Quantity using  Satellite Remote Sensing  Stephany Paredes Mesa/ Tarendra Lakhankar  Download here
 Early Detection Methods for Wildfires Using Satellite Remote Sensing  Adedoja Adeyeye/ Tarendra Lakhankar  Download here
 Global Food Security Analysis using Satellite Remote Sensing Data  Deepali Joshi/ Tarendra Lakhankar  Download here
 Analysis of Vulnerable Infrastructures to Flood Events in the Continental United States  Nasser Najibi/ Naresh Devineni  Download here
 Global Flood Analysis  Arun Ravindranauth/ Naresh Devineni  Download here
 Observing harmful algal blooms from satellite and there temporal changes using different techniques  Ahmed El-Habashi / Samir Ahmed  Download here
Observing NYC weather: Winds, Temperature, and Pollution  Aris Fernandez/ Mark Arend/ Fred Moshary  Download here
 New York & New Orleans: Creation of Social-Vulnerability Index  Jose Pillich/ Brian Vant-Hulll  Download here
 Mapping and Visualization of Satellite Data  Elius Etienne / Paul Alabi  Download here
 311 Data Project  Hannah Aizenman / Michael Grossberg  Download here
 Variability of Particulate Matter and Air Quality at Street Level in New York City  Josh Hrisko/ Prathap Ramamurthy  Download here
 The relationship between climate and food security Ehsan Najafi / Reza Khanbilvardi  Download here
 Understanding US Extreme Rainfall Events, Through Historical Data Saman / Reza Khanbilvardi  Download here
 Sensing the Atmospheric Boundary Layer  David Melecio-Vazquez / Jorge E. Gonzalez-Cruz  Download here
 Interpretation of satellite measurements over the ocean  Eder Herrera / Alex Gilerson  Download here
 Assessing spatiotemporal variability in air pollution in urban coastal regions  Owen Parker / Maria Tzortziou  Download here