Posters of projects for 2015

Project Title Students URL
Implementation of the Ground Based Infrared Lidar at 1.5 µm and 4.5 µm for Aerosol and Cloud Study/td> M. Baljeet, M. Keita, Download here
Wildfire Detection in California and Monitoring Using Satellite Remote Sensing Andrea Cadornigara, Genesis Familia,Carlos L. Pérez-Díaz,Tarendra Lakhankar Download here
Drought Management Using Cloud Seeding Gertrude Dabo, Quan Ye,Foroogh Golkar Download here
NYC Extreme Precipitation: Interannual and Seasonal Variability Aaron Choo, Stanley Ko, Amana Hosten, James F.Booth Download here
Analyzing the Impact of Hurricane Katrina from Social and Economic Perspectives David (HyeonJong) Shin, Jose Pillich Download here
California Drought Analysis from a Water Budget Perspective Tirin Manchanda , Paul Jorge , Jeireny Lantigua, Elius Etienne , Arun Ravi , and Professor Naresh Devineni Download here
Climate Change Vulnerability in Dominican Republic Thompson Eldredge , Greiny Rodriguez  , Equisha Glenn , Jorge Gonzalez , Moises Angeles Download here
Equinoctial Extreme Precipitation Yeison Ramirez, Stanley Ko, Amana Hosten, James F. Booth Download here
 Drought Identification and Impact Assessment in California between 2001 and 2010  Gertrude Dabo, Quan Ye, Ehsan Najafi Download here
Investigation of Seasonal Trends of Extreme Rainfall Events in the U.S Northeastern Region  Raechelle Emanuel; Mohammed Usama; Ali Hamidi; Naresh Devineni; Reza Khanbilvardi Download here
K-Means Based Clustering to Find Local Climate Regions Jason Veloz, Kunjben Patel, Hannah Aizenman,Michael Grossberg Download here
Statistical Validation of a High Resolution Temperature Prediction Model for New York City Louis Waxman, Dr. Brian Vant-Hall, Dr. Reza Khanbilvardi Download here
311 Call Data Visualization Max Sharpe and August Koehler Download here
Associate Extreme NYC Precipitation Events with Tropical Cyclones Rosie Castillo, Stanley Ko, Amana Hosten, James F. Booth Download here
Analyzing the Impact of Hurricane Katrina from Social and Economic Perspectives Kania Rimu, Saadia Khondoker , Brayan Florentino, Jose Pillich Download here
Mapping Sewer Systems in NYC using ArcGIS Jeremy Jimenez , Estefano Calero , Sina Kashuk Download here
Characterization of Tropical Wetlands Ecosystems in Peru Ethan Wang, Sharon Chao, Jessika Alvarez , Kat Jensen , Kyle McDonald Download here
Science on a Sphere in the  Oculus Rift Jason Azayev, Kaitlyn Chait, Hannah  Aizenman,Michael Grossberg Download here
Exploring the Potential of Traffic Cameras for Ground Validation of Satellite Data Steven Persaud , William Rivers  , Kathy Ammari , Simon Kraatz  , Dr. Reza Khanbilvardi Download here
Impact of Urban Climate of Running and Jogging Brandon Ram Jogging , Kings Odigie, Muneeb Rana , Michael Sangobanwo , Prathap Ramamurthy Download here
VIIRS Data Analysis and Visualization of Hurricane Sandy Caleb Richardson, Jack Vegas, Ian McBride, Paul K. Alabi Download here

Abstracts of projects for 2015

  1. Department of Transportation Cameras Feed Database management for Rainfall Intensity Measurement; Data visualization of 311 Call Complaints using JavaScript
  2. Use of high-resolution satellite product (LANDSAT) to validate coarser one (MODIS); Visualize ice jam data in GIS; Change detection for traffic cameras
  3. Satellite Detection of Harmful Algal Blooms in the West Florida Shelf
  4. Impact of urban climate on running and jogging
  5. Data processing and Visualization of NOAA Satellite and Global Energy products
  6. California Drought Analysis from a water budget perspective
  7. Development of IR lidar for Aerosol Detection
  8. Assessing optical spatiotemporal variability of coastal waters adjacent to tidal wetland ecosystems
  9. Characterization of Tropical Wetlands Ecosystems in Peru
  10. Hurricane Katrina Understanding Physical and Social Vulnerability by Generating a Spatial Index
  11. Categorizing the Type of Weather that Causes Flooding in New York City; Are the Winters in New York City Getting Longer?
  12. Machine Learning Based Clustering to Find Local Climate Regions
  13. Climate Constraints and Assessment of Food Security
  14. Wildfire Detection and Monitoring Using Satellite Remote Sensing
  15. Impact of climate change on precipitation pattern in NE United States
  16. Determining Extreme Rainfall Events, Investigation of Spatiotemporal Trends
  17. Vulnerability and Resiliency of coastal communities in Dominican Republic