HIRES 2014 Final Projects 


Project Description Project Authors Project Download
Validating VIRS Day and Night Band Water Mask Over North Pole Region Evgeni Dobranov, George Bonev, Indrajit Gurung, Irina Gladkova Click Here
Seasonal Inundation Analysis of the Sacramento Delta using UAVSAR Anika Anna, Kyle McDonald, Kat Jensen, Stivaly Paulino Click Here
Analyzing Historical Trends to Determine a Proper Dam Storage Amount Ankit Agrawal, Elius Etienne, Nares Devineni Click Here
A Temporal Analysis of the Correlation Between Precipitation and Inundation in the Amazon River Delta Evan Mosseri, Paata Ugrekhelidze, Andrew Fitzgerald, Hannah Aizenman, Zachary Tessler, Michael Grossberg Poster-1 Click Here Poster-2 Click Here
Validation of MODIS Land Surface Temperature Data Using In-Situ Air Kam Undieh, Juan Mejia, Tarendra Lakhankar, Reza Khanbilvardi Click Here
Extreme Precipitation Analysis over the New York Metropolian Area Gabriel Taveras, Ali Hamidi, Ali Zahraei, Reza Khanbilvardi Click Here
Observing Land Surface Temperatures in Alaska Using a Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) Camera Jasmine Bell, Nick Steiner, Kyle McDonald Click Here
What Populations are Vulnerable to Significant Heat Events in NYC? Jason Cruz, Rosanna Duran, Rocky Garcia, Jimmy Booth Click Here
Analysis of SWAT Model and SNTHERM Model to Improve Strea Flow and Snow Pack Evolution Simulations Jose Canela, Jose Infante, Tarendra Lakhankar Click Here
Economic Impact Post Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi Juliana Sempertegui, Rabia Akhtar, Jose Pillich, Jianting Zhang Click Here
Analysis of the Correlation Coefficient Between Cellometer & TEOM Measurements to Access the Vertical Density of Aerosols Katherine Lo, Jacob Rivera, Zaw Han, Yongua Wu, Barry Gross Poster-1 Click Here Poster-2 Click Here
Investigation of the spatial components of surface runoff pollution in the Jamaica Bay Watershed Kathy Ammari, Armita Periovani, Simon Kraatz, Reza Khanbilvardi Click Here
Evaluating Various Components of Total Radiance Measured by Ocean Color Satellite Sensors in Oceanic and Coastal Regions Kimberly Te, Soe Hlaing , Alex Gilerson Click Here
Delineation of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems based on a Water Balance Approach Kimberly Thelusma, Isabel Perez, Nir Krakauer, Reza Khanbilvardi Click Here
Effects of Precipation on Jamaica Bay Water Quality Leila Moshary, Kathy Ammari, Simon Kraatz, Reza Khanbilvardi Click Here
Urban Heat Island Effect: Analyzing the Correlation Between the Intensity of Sunlight and Temperature in Manhattan Louis Waxman, Awolou Sossa, Brian Vant Hull, Reza Khanbilvardi Click Here
Changes In Historical Precipation Rates over the Coterminous United States Nemesys Perez, Behzad Asadieh, Nir Krakauer Click Here
Estimating ice run duration on the lower Susquhanna Damola Ajobola, Simon Kraatz, Reza Khanbilvardi Click Here
Analyzing Socially Vulnerable Areas in Louisina During Hurricane Katrina Rabia Akhtar, Juliana Sempertegui, Jose Pilich, Jiantang Zhang Click Here
Extreme Precipitation Analysis over the New York Metropolian Area Raphia Ngoutane, Ali Hamidi, Ali Zahraei, Reza Khanbilvardi Click Here
Permafrost Effect on Carbon Cycle Dalia Rana, Berenice Oseguera, Nick Steiner, Kyle McDonald Click Here
Analysis of the Water Leaving Radiance Contribution to Top of Atmosphere Radiance in Oceanic and Coastal Waters Rebecca Fernandes, Soe Hliang, Alex Gilerson Click Here
Mapping Vulnerable Populations and Respiratory Hospitalizations During Extreme Heat Events in New York City Rosanna Duran, Jason Cruz, Rocky Garcia, Jimmy Booth Click Here
Evapotraspiration Steeven Imbaquingo, Selma Dobryanksy, Shoreh Didari, Hamidreza Norouzi Click Here
The Implications of Droughts on Greater New York’s Water Supply Waldemar Morety, Elius Ettience, Naresh Devineni Click Here
Surface Water Mapping of the Mississippi Delta Region using UAVSAR Yuk Kee Chang, Stivaly Paulino, Kat Jensen, Kyle McDonald Click Here