CUNY-CREST’s Business Development and Entrepreneurship Pillar Director, Mr. Harry Cikanek received the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) Distinguished Service Award on March 28, 2024 at the IAF Spring Meeting. Mr. Cikanek received this award for his exceptional service to IAF for more than a decade serving in various capacities including delegate, author, vice chair, and chair of the Earth Observation Committee, the Global Earth Observing System of Systems Subcommittee and the Space Transportation Committee. Commenting on the achievement, Mr. Cikanek said, “I was surprised, pleased and honored to receive this recognition for many years of service.”

Mr. Cikanek cherishes the opportunity to be part of IAF. Expressing appreciation and sharing his most memorable times, he said, “The ability to witness the energy, excitement and extraordinary achievement of the global space community, and to see and meet with many leaders of the community as well as many prominent people who shape our world, for example, I got to meet the former President of India, saw the National leaders of several countries, and worked with many Agency and Corporate leaders.” His most favorite part of the association is the opportunity to support the professional development of students and young professionals. He said, “Interacting with young professionals is always energizing and rewarding.”

Supporting the International Astronautical Federation is a volunteer activity so in addition to keeping current with technical and scientific advancements, Mr. Cikanek believes it is a way to give back, especially for the younger generations.