Dr. Reza Khanbilvardi, featured on WNYC Radio talk show, September 15, 2021

Dr. Reza Khanbilvardi, Executive Director of the CUNY Remote Sensing Earth System Institute was invited to speak at the WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show” ( https://www.wnyc.org/story/how-prevent-more-deaths-nycs-basement-apartments/ ), on Wednesday September 15, 2021. The other invited panelist is an urban planner and senior program manager at the Pratt Center for Community Development.  The talk show entitled “How to Prevent More Deaths in NYC’s Basement Apartments”, focused on the remnants of Hurricane Ida and its impact on New York City neighborhoods. Earlier in September, Hurricane Ida proved that urban flooding could have serious impacts in urban areas of NYC and even be deadly especially for residential dwellings in general and basement apartment residents, in particular. Dr. Khanbilvardi, explained that recent storms in many parts of the country and especially Northeast, as indicated by data, can be attributed to the climate change, that is causing the increased frequency and magnitudes of precipitation and severe storms. He explained why so many basement apartments were flooded during the recent storm, and the geographical locations that attributed to the flash floods and related hazards. Reza also spoke on how to make existing residences safer place to live, and what can be done to improve on the efficiency of existing stormwater collection system in New York City.  He also elaborated on what more needs to be done to mitigate hydrological crises of residential areas with worsening storms due to climate change and make our neighborhood more storm resistant and resilient.  He also responded to several questions posed by the listeners and the host on this important issue that impacted New Yorkers and cost many lives and properties.

Link to article on Gothamist

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