Dr. Fred Moshary, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the City College Grove School of Engineering was elected the President of International Coordinating group for Laser Atmospheric Studies (ICLAS) in June 2022.  ICLAS, a working group under International Radiation Commission. ICLAS works to

o   To promote international research on the development, improvement, and use of lidars to increase our understanding of atmospheric processes.

o   To provide a forum for scientific exchange by organizing international conferences and workshops.

o   To foster cooperation between and coordinate national associations of lidar researchers.

o   To promote the organization of international lidar measurement campaigns or networks to study atmospheric species, processes, and trends.

ICLAS organizes the biannual International Laser Radar Conference, where scientists from around the world come together to present their cutting edge work on the latest advances in lidar technologies and applications from space mission to airborne and ground based application.

Dr. Moshary was elected as a North American representative to the working group in June 2017.  He chaired the 27th International Laser Radar Conference in New York, NY, and has been a member of the program committee for the 28th (Bucharest, Romania), 29th (Hefi China), and recently the 30th ILRC (virtual meeting).

Dr. Moshary’s research focuses on lidar application to profiling atmospheric structure and composition, including studies of atmospheric dynamics and pollution in the urban environment.  He is currently serving at the Director of the NOAA EPP/MSI Center for Earth System Science and Environmental Engineering, a consortium of 6 higher education institutions lead by the City College of New Yrok.