The CUNY CREST Institute celebrates, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month but highlighting the backstories of our scientists of Asian American descent. Our scientists were interviewed and we are proud to present their stories to the CUNY CREST Institute Community.

Our scientists were asked the following questions:

1.       What is your back-story? How did you find a passion in Earth System Sciences?​

2.       What obstacles have you faced in your profession as an Asian American/Pacific Islander in the Earth System Sciences? How did you overcome them?

3.       What does AAPI History Month mean to you?

4.       What has been your biggest motivation?

5.       What advice would you give young students who are interested in the Earth Systems Sciences?

Meet Dr. Dugwon Seo

Associate Professor

Engineering Technology Department

Queensborough Community College

Meet Dr. Zhengzhao Johnny Luo

Atmospheric Physicist

Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Department

The City College of New York