Everything you need to know about the 2019 Summer Science Symposium!


What is it? When is it? 


The Symposium is the summer research poster session for NOAA-CREST HIRES students and other high school researchers who have participated in various science research mentoring programs across NYC. It’s when you get to present your work and show off the great research you have been doing. This year is the first time we are having this mid summer event! It will be on Monday, August 12th, 2019: 3:00pm-7:00pm at CUNY City College of New York. Please plan to arrive between 1:00 and 2:45 pm to check in and set up your poster!


The entire event takes place in the Great Hall in the Shepard Hall at City College of New York located at 160 Convent Avenue, NY 10031.  It starts with opening remarks and a talk from an invited speaker in the Great Hall located on the second floor of Shepard Hall.  After that, dinner will be in the Great Hall and you may also present posters about your research. You can invite your family, friends and teachers to the event beginning at 3:00PM.  


Here’s the plan:


Opening Ceremony (Great Hall)

1:00 – 2:45 – Check in and set up posters

3:00 – Opening Remarks begin

3:15 – Plenary Talk by an Invited Speaker: Dr. Sabriya Stukes

3:25 – Plenary Talk by an invited Speaker: Christos Michalopoulos

4:00 – Poster session and dinner for students and invited guests

6:30 – Closing remarks

What do I wear?

There’s no strict dress code, but we recommend that you dress professionally. You will be on presenting in front of your peers and students from other research programs around NYC, and scientists and researchers. People from the AMNH and CUNY Public Relations team will be there taking pictures, and we may get people there from other media organizations too. Wear something you’re comfortable in – you will be on your feet for most of the afternoon. 


Ok but really, what do I wear?

Consider wearing nice pants and a collared or other nice shirt. Some people may choose to wear a dress or skirt.


Who else will be there?

This is the NYC Science Research Mentoring Consortium, so people from the other research mentoring programs in NYC will be there. We’re expecting about 150 students overall, though not everyone will be presenting, plus additional adults.


Where am I presenting?

Poster presentations will all be in the Great Hall.


When can my family and friends come?

 They are invited to join us at 3pm for the opening remarks and poster presentation afterwards.  Please ask them to use the entrance at 160 Convent Avenue. They will be directed to take the stairs to the second floor or the elevator. 


Your mentors and program coordinators may arrive with you at check-in between 1:00pm  – 2:45pm during the event. 


Please click here for directions to the City College of New York.


What if I need to leave early?

You need to let your program coordinator know as soon as possible if you need to leave early!


Posters and Check-in

Please try to arrive between 1:00 PM – 2:45 PM to check in and receive your poster placement number.  You will need to secure your poster and belongings near you during the event so please put your name on the back of your poster and on the carrying case you use to store your poster. You will be responsible for your own belongings during the event.  


Feedback Session

This year we are trying a new feature and inviting scientists and researchers to provide feedback on posters to anyone who attends.   If you would like feedback on your poster we will have a session table and stickers for you to choose from to ask for feedback. You may pick up a sticker at the check in desk at Lincoln Corridor.