Center for Water Resources and Environmental research at CCNY

Directors: Tarendra Lakhankar and Nir Krakauer

The Center for Water Resources and Environmental Research (CWRER), commonly known as The City Water Center was established in 1993 in order to meet the needs for interdisciplinary study and education in the area of the natural resources, water and environment at the City College of New York. The Center is tackling the diverse and interdisciplinary problems of water resources and environmental issues with broad approaches beginning with research on the sources of natural hazard, pollution movement, surface water and groundwater cleanup, wetland preservation, reservoir protection, watershed management, hydraulics and hydrology of natural flow systems, non point source pollution, preservation of ecology, and related topics. Included are both technical and social/political issues arising from these problems.

BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute at Bronx CC.

Director: Sunil Bhaskaran

The center is a collaboration between Bronx Community College and CUNY CREST Institute. The goals of BGCCCI are to educate, train and prepare BCC students to enter the workforce or pursue advanced studies in geospatial technology. Since its inception BGCCCI has been achieving these goals by engaging in the activities includes (1) Designing, developing and introducing new and multidisciplinary courses/programs in geospatial technology, (2) Conducting scholarly activities and cutting-edge research in areas of national priority, (3) Designing and developing training programs for middle and high school students and educators, (4) Training students in acquiring workforce skills by organizing summer institutes for school and college students, and (5) Sustain the growth of BGCCCI by grants from private and federal entities.

The Center for Remote Sensing and Earth System Sciences (ReSESS) at CityTech
Directors: Dr. Reggie Blake and Hamidreza Nourouzi

ReSESS at the New York City College of Technology (City Tech) started on December 9, 2011 through an agreement with the CUNY CREST Institute and under the leadership of Dr. Reginald Blake. Today, ReSESS is Co-Directed by Dr. Blake and Dr. Hamidreza Norouzi. The Center plays a critical role not only in helping to replenish this nation’s geoscience workforce, but also in establishing a vibrant, faculty-student centered research culture at City Tech. The center focuses on the formal, integrated, interdisciplinary, and comprehensive implementation of Earth Systems Science and Remote Sensing technologies and applications at City Tech. This single-minded mission helps to foster an institutional research culture change by creating, sustaining, and promoting collaborative research that coalesces around the relatively new and exciting study of the Earth and its environment via satellite and ground-based Remote Sensing. The Center’s mission is anchored in course offerings, research activities, exposure trips, seminars, internships, conferences, and citizen science to engage and to stimulate the curiosity of City Tech’s faculty and students to the varied applications of Remote Sensing to the cryosphere, the biosphere, the lithosphere, the atmosphere, and the hydrosphere.With ReSESS’s mission in place, the City Tech will, therefore, soon become a leader in producing the next generation of scientists and engineers with unique expertise in satellite and ground-based remote sensing and their applications to geophysics. The Center’s research activities have produced peer reviewed publications and the garnering of educational and research grants that are being used to pursue and to promote remote sensing studies.