Meet Dr. Erin Friedman!

Dr. Erin Friedman is a human-environment geographer studying the governance and politics of urban coastal climate resilience. Her work focuses on use-inspired science, which seeks to produce scientific insights as well as inform decision-making by relevant stakeholders to promote more equitable and just climate decision-making processes at the community and institutional scale. She is currently the social science coordinator for the NOAA Center for Earth System Sciences and Remote Sensing Technologies (CESSRST II) at City College. She is also an investigator and collaborator on two NOAA Adaptation Sciences grants that are each looking into the socio-economic drivers that shape and enable climate adaptation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Miami-Dade County, Florida. Her work has been published in Annual Review of Public Health, Climate Risk Management, Earth’s Future, Environmental Science and Policy, Journal of Extreme Events, and Planning Theory and Practice.

Erin graduated from the Graduate Center CUNY in 2021 with a PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences (Geography concentration). Her dissertation examined the development and implementation of public policies and plans that attempted to manage the climate and debt crisis in the Caribbean small island developing state of Antigua and Barbuda. She has also served as a graduate research assistant for the NSF Urban Resilience to Extremes (UREx) Sustainable Research Network (SRN), and the NOAA Climate Adaptation Partnership (CAP)/ Regional Integrated Sciences Assessment (RISA) Consortium for Climate Risk in the Urban Northeast (CCRUN).