Jennifer Cherrier, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department at Brooklyn College-CUNY and CUNY Graduate Center. Dr. Cherrier is also the President and Founder of Waterways Ecologics, LLC. Waterway Ecologics designs nature-based systems that address drainage issues and treat stormwater and septic inflows onsite to prevent pollutants reach water bodies.

During the Fall of 2022, Dr.Cherrier was nominated to deliver the 2022 Fobes Ronald Lecture in Environmental Conservation. The Fobes Ronald Lecture is an annual event featuring a prominent female scholar in the fields of water sustainability or policy. The lecture is used to inspire students and faculty on different topics, encourage women in science and promote awareness of water sustainability.

Dr. Cherrier was the speaker for the lecture titled, Cities and Storms: Challenges and Solutions, at Iowa State University.