Angel Peña, Gregorio Luperon High School, 11th Grade

“The thing I liked the most about the HIRES program was the sense of family and amount of care the staff have for the students. It really helped when it came to all the research and work being done over the summer.”

Dean Carey, Stuyvesant High School, 11th grade

“I truly valued the immersive experience of a professional research environment, and I believe it has aided me on deciding where to steer my future.”

Michelle Tejada, MESA Charter High School, Upcoming Junior

“I liked the diversity and the support I received at the program. Everyone was so willing to help out and most of all, educate me in an area I was not so familiar with but definitely am interested in now.”

Ashley Flores, City college academy of the arts, 12th grade

“One thing I liked about the hires program was having ex hires students be my mentor. They provided a lot of insight and we’re very welcoming.”

Theo Schiminovich, Stuyvesant High School, Grade: 11th Grade

“I liked working on a research project for a long period of time. I got to learn about the topic we were studying in detail, and research in general. I learned that I like research, and want to do more of it in the future.”

Yu, Jieying, Fort Hamilton High Scholl; college:The City College of New York

“One thing I like about the HIRES Program: I have more knowledge about science and I also learn a lot of the new skills such as programming(matlab) and presentation skills. Our graduate mentor and faculty mentor are really helping us to make an improvement and have a wonderful experience. Everyone in this program is very nice!!!”

Mengfan Wang from the High School for Math, Science and Engineering. I am a rising senior.

“One thing that I really liked about the HIRES program is sophisticated level of mentorship. I think having that many levels of mentors definitely gave me a chance to work with people from different age and experiences. Also, it ensure us with 100% of assistances whenever we are in trouble, and I am really glad that my mentors are always there when I need them.”

Ashton Lee, School: Collegiate School, Grade: (entering) 10th Grade

“Getting to work with real data and having to figure out solutions to real problems in data science without overly structured and intuitive guidance.”

Oscar Lucero, City College Academy of the Arts,

“One thing I liked was the experience and the research we have been exposed to.”

Edward Mendoza, City College Academy of the Arts, Senior

“One thing I liked about the HIRES program was the coding experience that I gained, as I have always been fascinated with Python but I never really got a chance to explore as much as I have these past weeks with it.”

Valentina Guo, Brooklyn Technical High School, Rising Senior

“I liked that I was able to apply the coding (especially MATLAB) to a real life problem and develop an original research project.”

Dani Bilali. Leon M. Goldstein High School. Entering Grade 12.

“I had the opportunity to work with incredibly intelligent people that helped me understand why their research is so important in the world and how it can further advance humankind into the future.”

Gary Familia ,City College Academy of the Arts, Rising Sophomore (10th)

“I liked all the new friends that I made, and the opportunity to do research on a topic that I was interested in.”

Fabian Firu, The Baccalaureate School for Global Education , Going to 11th

“I liked how everybody was paired with at least one person who could show us what college work was really like.”

John Cepeda, City College Academy of the Arts, grade: 10th grade

“I got too connect with new people and make a bunch of new friendships and memories as well as new experiences. Another thing is obviously partaking in the entire research process which was very fun.”

Ivan Xie, School: The Bronx High School of Science, Grade: 12

“I like how HIRES gives its participants a variety of opportunities not only inside, but outside of the program as well. Continuing research by networking with mentors, obtaining reference letters for college, and being informed about valuable scholarships are only some of the many opportunities offered in HIRES.”

Naishme Arias, Monsignor scanlan highschool, rising junior

“We got to connect and network with different type of people and i got a new understanding of the engineering field”

Nishat Ahmed, Townsend Harris , Grade: Rising Senior

“I enjoyed the HIRES program because it allowed me to meet new people and learn with the support of others.”

Angelo Del Toro, Iona Preparatory School, Grade: 12

“I liked that there was a sense of community and everyone was very willing to help the next person. Even from the beginning of the program, when we were taking classes, if I didn’t understand something, I always felt comfortable raising my hand and asking questions.”

Janell Alvarez,  St. Catharine Academy, Grade: 12th Grade

“I had the opportunity of gaining experience in participating in research. I was interested in the field of STEM, but I was not involved in any major projects like the one I was a part of, and I am grateful for getting some exposure to this type of environment.”

Luc Mazzanobile, BASIS Independent Brooklyn, Rising Sophomore

“I really liked all the support and help I got from all of the mentors.  I also really liked the college-like experience I got from the classes, as it will better help me adapt to what college will be like in the future.  Again the mentor support made hard things a lot more feasible and everyone was so nice to me.  Thanks a lot for the whole experience I hope to see you next year.”

David Chen, Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology, 11th Grade going to 12th

“One thing I liked about the HIRES program was the amount of support I got when doing my research at my lab. My mentor was really helpful in giving me advice and providing feedback for my poster when me and my lab partner were struggling to complete it. He provided mental support for us when we felt discouraged and taught us how to grow every step of the way. Our mentor pushed us to do our best and (I think I speak for all HIRES interns) made the experience a whole lot better.”

Sajiv Mahase, Excelsior Preparatory High School, 12th Grade

“I liked how our mentor helped us with anything we needed”

Connor Rabinowitz, Brooklyn Technical High School, Rising Senior

“I really enjoyed doing the research with my mentor and team members who were very supportive throughout the whole process. I also enjoyed being able to do a project on remote sensing with another project, which focused m