Dr. Indrani Pal selected to participate in the Gotham Innovation Gambit Program – Virtual Regional I-Corps Short Course Winter 2022

Recently, Dr. Indrani Pal’s team was accepted into the Gotham Innovation Gambit Program Virtual Regional I-Corps Short Course Winter 2022, offered by The NYC Regional Innovation Node (NYCRIN), CUNY I-Corps, and NYC Innovation Hotspot. The Gotham Innovation Gambit trains teams to learn how to begin their customer discovery journey. Teams who undergo the virtual courses will learn to transform their technical ideas into sustainable products and services, and eventually into business models.

Dr. Indrani Pal’s team, comprising herself as the Technical Lead, Lauren Enright as Entrepreneurial Lead and Mary Conley Eggert as their Industry Mentor is aiming to develop a Digital Water Risk solutions catalog which incorporates water risk solutions for different types of environments. Lauren Kenyon Enright, founder of Axiom Climate, an organization that evaluates water risks and regulations, strategizes water goals, and implements innovative water technologies. In addition, part of the team is Mary Conley Eggert, founder of Global Water Works, an online community that combines technology, science, and networks to help with water issues facing the world.

The smart risk locator will be accessible to many different groups, including water scientists, organizations, industries, and people from the community. “The Water Solutions Atlas, would be created by people for people”, says Dr. Pal. The atlas can serve as a platform where it is accessible to see the different solutions to water risk and how to utilize those solutions in different locations.  “We can take a look at the water risks that a location has, which are also socio economically or politically relevant, for an accelerated deployment of solutions,” explains Dr. Pal.

Dr. Pal learned of this innovative opportunity through two different sources. She received an email notifying her about this program. Dr. Reza Khanbilvardi, the executive director of the CUNY CREST Institute, also recommended her to participate. He thought that Dr. Pal would be well fit for this program because of her passion for technology, innovation, water risk solutions, academic research and commercialization. 

Joining this program allows Dr. Pal and her team to learn about vital information from the targeted audience of potential users. Her user discovery journey would further push her to develop her research into societal service. Once the atlas is piloted, she plans to see how usable the digital platform becomes for its targeted users.

Congratulations Indrani on this well-deserved opportunity and recognition, and wish for many more accomplishments in the future!