Proposed Project Presentations

Urban Heat Island Research Group
An Analysis of Summer Precipitation & Temperature in Central Park (1972-2022)

Quantitatively Altering Gene Expression: Bioinformatic Identification and Experimental Evaluation of Oc1 and Otx2 Transcription  Factor Binding Site Sequence Discord  in the ThrbCRM1 and ThrbICR Retinogenesis Enhancer Genomic Elements
Enabling Effective and Equitable Coastal Adaptation in New Jersey and New York Atlantic Coastal Communities Shores
Carbon Cycling in the Yukon River
Observations of precursors to Tropical Cyclone activity in the Caribbean and the Main Developing Region
Ozone Pollution Observations and Studies in New York City Area 

Sharing the importance of clean water and rainwater harvesting to communities of students in NYC and India
Validation of satellite sensors for ocean monitoring and related uncertainties
Extreme Heat and Air Quality in coastal urban areas
Data Science Approach for Understanding the History of Weather Extremes of NYC
Harmful Algal Blooms (HABS) Monitoring : Citizen Science Approach

Evaluating the Coastal Environmental Impacts from the COVID-19 Shutdown
Improving Precipitation Forecast Over the Puerto Rico by Using Nexrad Data
Do Small Elevation Differences Affect Urban Temperatures?

Research Project and Posters

Research ProjectHIRES StudentsREU/
Summer Bridge Interns
Faculty AdvisorsStudent MentorsOther MentorsPoster
Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) Monitoring: A Citizen Science ApproachEmily Cheung

Daniel Cohen

Kshboo Sadia

Jinyu Xu
Dr. Shakila Merchant,

Dr. Tarendra Lakhankar, CCNY
Hazel Vaquero

Carolina Perez

Nia Rene
Bioinformatic Identification of Interspecies Nucleotide Sequence Divergence Within Putative bHLH and 
OTX2 Transcription factor Binding Sites in the ThrbICR  Retinal Enhancer Element
Adib UmmyLaure
Dr. Mark Emerson,
Mykel G. BarrettDownload
Carbon Cycling in the Yukon River Sarah Huynh

Avi Liu
Andrew DixonDr. Maria Tzortziou,
Alana MenendezDownload
Improving Precipitation Forecast over Puerto Rico using Nexrad Data Amir Elnashar

Vincent Zheng

Elijah Ko
Dr. Reza Khanbilvardi,
Said Mejia-ManriqueDownload
The COVID-19 Pandemic’s effect on Methane EmissionsLee Walker Watson

Andrea Gomez,
NOAA Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office
Understanding the Impacts of Hurricane Maria in Puerto RicoAtoshi SarkarFambougouri Diane

Laura Ortega
Dr. Fernando Tormos-Aponte,
Dr. Sameer H. Shah,
University Of Pittsburgh