During the CREST HIRES orientation, students were introduced to the City College of New York (CCNY) and CREST HIRES program.  The students had an opportunity to meet the professors and scientists at CREST and learn about their research projects.  The agenda for the orientation, scheduled between June 30th and July 6th, can be found here: 2016 HIRES Program Orientation Agenda.

HIRES Orientation Week Photo Gallery can be found here.


Following are the CREST HIRES presentations from the orientation:

  1. Shakila Merchant, CREST HIRES Director – Fostering a better Mentor-Mentee Relationship
  2. Reza Khanbilvardi NOAA-CREST Director, Civil Engineering (Saman) – The Effects of Climate Change and Urbanization on the Runoff
  3. Maria Tzortziou, Associate Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Science (Brian Lamb) – Remote Sensing of Chesapeake Bay Wetlands
  4. Jimmy Booth, Assistant Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Science – Which Months do New Yorkers Need an Umbrella in the City?
  5. Fred Moshary, NOAA CREST Deputy Director, Electrical Engineering – Projects in the Remote Sensing of Aerosols with focus on Air Quality
  6. Nir Krakauer, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering (Behzad) – Climate change and implications for precipitation and river flow
  7. Prathap Ramamurthy, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering – Running in The City
  8. Alex Gilerson, Professor, Electrical Engineering – Interpretation of satellite measurements over the ocean
  9. Tarendra Lakhankar, NOAA-CREST Research Scientist – Analysis of drought and food security from satellite remote sensing data
  10. Brian Vant Hull, CREST Research Scientist and Jose Pillich, NOAA CREST Research Assistant – What is the Real Wind?
  11. Simon Kraatz, Research Assistant, NOAA CREST – River Ice
  12. Luis Ortiz, Research Assistant, NOAA CREST – Urban Climate and Humans: Observing and
    modeling urban climate and its impacts on New York City during heat waves
  13. Moises Angeles, Postdoctoral Fellow, NOAA CREST – Extreme Events – Caribbean Region
  14. Paul Alabi, Data Mining Manager, NOAA CREST – Satellite Receiving Station
  15. Naresh Devineni, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
  16. Michael Grossberg, Associate Professor, Computer Science
  17. Olivo Yoribaldis, Graduate Student, NOAA CREST
  18. Behzah Asadieh, Graduate Student – Climate change and implications for precipitation and river flow
  19. Kyle Mcdonald and Jessica Alvarez – Characterization of Tropical Wetlands Ecosystems with Radar Remote Sensing 
  20. Kyle Mcdonald and Andrea Gomez – Coral Reefs and Remote Sensing
  21. Honey Berk, Katiushka Freeman – Energy Efficiency in Buildings