CUNY Remote Sensing Earth Systems Institute (CUNY-CREST)  –

An Internationally recognized research collaborative for advancing Earth System Science and Engineering through State-of-the-art Technologies.cuny_crest

Our mission is to develop environmental information and technical capabilities needed for research on processes affecting the Earth System at multiple scales and for planning a sustainable society by compiling Remote Sensing Observations and Modeling Resources into set of Scientific Investigations and Data Products and by supporting the Educational Mission of the University, all in partnerships with Researchers, Technology Companies, Local, National and International Organizations.

The Institute research focuses on all aspects of remote sensing – sensor development, satellite remote sensing, ground-based field measurements, data processing and analysis, modeling, and forecasting. CREST recruits and train undergraduate, masters and doctoral students with a main focus on unrepresented minorities in STEM sciences.

CREST research covers wild variety of topics including

  •  Global Climate studies
  •  Atmosphere and Weather
  •  Water Resources and Land Processes
  •  Ocean and Coastal Waters


HIRES is just one of the ways that the CUNY CREST Institute – which is nestled in the Steinman Hall building (Grove School of Engineering), at City College, is nurturing NYC’s minority youth to be tomorrow’s successful scientists

Every summer,  New York City high school students from underrepresented backgrounds- including students of color, from low income backgrounds, and women – who are majoring in Science Technology Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), will be given the chance to be immersed in an advanced STEM research opportunity called the High School Initiative in Remote Sensing of Earth Systems (HIRES) Program.

The seven-week long internship program is hosted annually by the CUNY Remote Earth Systems (CREST) Institute, and is funded by a grant from the Pinkerton Foundation. During the HIRES internship, participants learn about the fields of science – particularly engineering, as potential careers, and they learn about how the CREST college fellowship can help to catapult them into a future STEM career. Students can also look forward to field trips and museum visits, to conducting their own presentations, and to enrichment activities.

As students participate in HIRES in a college setting, many of them are more able to envision themselves pursuing their college dreams. Another motivation to complete the program is that each of the HIRES participants can look forward to receiving a $1,000 stipend and three college credits at the conclusion of the program!

Students who may be eligible for, and wish to apply, to next summer’s HIRES internship, should check out the following link:


The City College of New York


Steinman Hall, T107 , Convent Avenue & 140th Street
Grove School of Engineering