What I love about this program is that no matter what you’ve gone through or what path you choose to take, this program will help you to prepare for whatever it is to come.
—Annie He, 
The HIRES program gave me phenomenal experience with working on important scientific research in a group and the Irondale workshops boosted my confidence in my presentation skills.
—Nabill Huq, 
This program really gave me a once in a life time opportunity from taking courses that I would’ve never learned about while in high school, completing a research project successfully while learning so much from my mentors, playing fun yet confidence boosting games during IRONDALE, and just meeting so many people that are as smart as they are welcoming. HIRES really helped me decide on which career path I want to take in STEM and maybe even pursing it at City College.

—Nirma Golder, 
The highlight of this program would probably be the research experience and the relationship I built with my mentors.

—Tahmid Asif, 







My experience in doing scientific research with professionals that guided me from the start to the end is something I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

—Joana Nunez,