image6-copyI knew I wanted to major in Biology, but the HIRES program showed me how even a biology major can fit in to the world of Remote Sensing. I plan to become more familiar with Remote Sensing in College & make a career out of it.
—Caitlin Tsang, Baccalaureate School for Global
image9Getting familiar with Environmental Studies has narrowed down my path, and has made my life much easier.
—Avleen Kaur, Eleanor Roosevelt High School
image2The program has inspired me to seek a career in Computer Science or a STEM related field.  I think every high school student who has an interest in STEM field should consider joining the program.
—Simatul Rashid, Manhattan Hunter Science High School
image3-copyHires program is a great opportunity to learn whether you may have interest in Computer and Environmental Science and to gain field experience.  If you have an interest in Engineering, but don’t know which yet, I highly recommend this program.
—Christopher De Jesus, St. Raymond High School for Boys

My mentor not only taught me a lot about the human factor involved in climate change, but she also motivated me to spread awareness and sparked my interest in Marine Biology.
—Samantha Verdugo, City College Academy of the Arts
chloe-dThe research projects were very interesting, and I plan to use the project I did as a springboard for my future college research and beyond.
—Chloe Delfau, Stuyvesant High School