BrayanHIRES was quite a rewarding experience for me because it exposed me to real life research. Although I am not intending to conduct science research as a career, I was still able to grow both intellectually and as a person. This opportunity impelled me to look beyond research by noticing the endless opportunities available in the STEM fields. As an undergraduate student I plan to study aeronautical engineering with a focus in aerodynamics.
Brayan Florentino, Frederick Douglas Academy
Jeireny LantiguaI was interested in the HIRES program because it offered a really good learning opportunity. Also, after attending I became a part of a safe/ friendly environment of people that are always willing to help if you are having trouble with anything.
Jeireny Lantigua, Metropolitan Soundview High School
Rosie Cuevasmy experience at NOAA- Crest has open my mind to what i want to do in the future. i would recommend this program to anyone who is trying to find a good science program and want to pursue careers related to earth science. i was able to develop skills in coding using Matlab,Python and GIS.
Rosie Cuevas,
Kunjben PatelHires has been an interesting experience in my life. Hires helped me obtain new skills and techniques in computer programing that will help me further in my future career in STEM. I connected with many people throughout this program. This program has motivated more into computer science as my career..
Kunjben Patel Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy
HIRES was an amazing experience for me last summer. I highly recommend it to rising juniors. Currently, I plan to attend Barnard College of Columbia University next year.
Kania Rimu,
I will be a freshman at Macaulay Honors at City College in the Fall 2016. Although I’ve appreciated my past participation in STEM programs during high school, and particularly HIRES, I am hoping to pursue a degree in music, which is my other passion.
Jeremy Jimenez