Rebecca FernandesThis program will help me further my career in engineering.
—Rebecca Fernandes
Waldemar MoretyThe HIRES CREST program exposed me to how real world research works in modern day science. It was a great learning experience.
—Waldemar Morety
Kimberly ThelusmaBeing an intern as part of HIRES 2014 has been an eye opening experience. Although I am not interested in computer science or engineering, I was able to obtain a few skills that will help me further my future as a biology major and future doctor. I was able to experience the role of a scientist by conducting research that has a great effect on society. I was also able to realize that climate/ environmental change plays a huge role in the constant changing of the earth as well as human diseases.
—Kimberly Thelusma
Katherine LoThis program has allowed me to explore and engage myself in environmental engineering. I was able to connect and learn many different techniques and skills throughout this program. It was an interesting and stimulating experience.
—Katherine Lo
Paata UgrekhelidzeHIRES was the beginning of a great future as a high school student.
—Paata Ugrekhelidze

Leila Moshary (HIRES 2014) featured in the NYC Science Research Mentoring Consortium:

Science Answers My Questions About The World Around Me