Proposed Research Projects

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Microscale Pollution Measurements from India
Building, Troubleshooting and Installing Weather Stations in the 5 Boroughs
New York City Living Shorelines-An Ecosystem- and Community-based Learning Approach
Controlling Cone Cell Subtype Ratios (Red vs. Green. vs. Blue Opsin Expression), by Mutating Cis-Regulators of the Thrb Gen
Understanding Sever Precipitation Characteristics in Puerto Rico Using Historical Data
Examining Air Quality and Poverty in New York City (NYC)
Aerial Drone Image Processing for Wildlife (Turtle) Counting
Machine Learning on Lidar 3D Points Cloud
Functional Investigation of Five Semi-Conserved “CANNTG” Putative bHLH-Binding Motifs in the ThrbICR Retinal Enhancer Element
Water Quality and Phytoplankton Monitoring: A Citizen Science Approach
Using Satellite Imagery to estimate Vegetation loss in Mangroves Due to Hurricane Maria
The Effects of Ocean Heat Content and Sea Level Height on Hurricanes in a Warming Climate
Urban Climate, Remote Sensing, Ground Observations and Community
Monitoring Water Quality of Inland Lakes using Remote Sensing
A Nature-based Hybrid Green infrastructure Solution for Reducing Phosphate Loads and Offsetting Microcystis Blooms in Prospect Park Lake, Brooklyn New York

Research Projects and Posters

Research ProjectHIRES StudentsREU/IUSE/
Faculty AdvisorsStudent MentorsOther MentorsPoster
Study of Micro
Pollution in India
Ileana Vasquez

Virginia Lima

Aishwari Paul

Jai Shah
Jake Ortiz

Yeshi Dolma
Dr. Brian Vant Hull, CCNY

Dr. Neal Phillip, BCC

Paramita Sen, BCC
NYC Integrated Water
Management & Arts
Kublai Ash

Daren Mceachin

Keila Nicolas

Priscilla Osei

Vasily Zaharakis
Dr. Shakila Merchant, CCNYSarah Maria Dos SantosDownload
Living Shorelines in
Urban Settings:
Promoting Ecological
Restoration and
Community Well-
Chelgis Dabashi

Ida Pilozo
Anais Ortega

Lesly Munoz

Rokhaya Ndiaye
Dr. Shakila Merchant, CCNYAshley Bailey

Kenneth Arguedas

Adriana Lenarczy

Nicole Bartlett, NOAA
Analyzing the Precursors to Tropical Cyclone Activity in the Caribbean and the Main Developing Region under Climate Change Angela Greer

Danilo Evangelista
Sor Angel Bello Meléndez

Giovanni Rosario
Dr. Nir Krakauer, CCNY Keneshia HibbertDownload
Examining Air Quality
and Poverty in NYC
Natalia HuesaEzzeldin
Dr. Nir Krakauer, CCNYKevin RodriguezArjuman Hossain (HIRES Ambas-sador)Download
Weather Analysis and
Visualization for
Everyone (WAVE)
Hope Menachery

Grace Lee

Kelly Huang

Benjamin Kreitzer
Charith Jayasekerage

Arhum Aamir

Joseph Moise

Kester Todd
Dr. Reza Khanbilvardi,

Dr. Shakila Merchant, CCNY
Richard RiveraDownload
Elucidating the Role
NeuroD1 Plays in
ThrbICR via Cross-
Species Bioinformatic
Analysis and
Amanda Chen

Sumama Haque

Angelina Ashie

Adib Ummy (Past HIRES Intern)
Dr. Mark Emerson,
Mykel G. BarrettDownload
Comparing Citizen
Science with Real Time
Data on Water Quality
and Phytoplankton in the Gowanus Harbor
Nataly Mendez

Rachel Gaylord

Faith McMurren
Dr. Jenniffer Cherrier, CCNY

Dr. Shakila Merchant, CCNY
Timothy (Tiaamé) Medina Carolina Perez Nia Rene (NOAA Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS)Download