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Project Description

Proposed projects for 2020

Project TitleMentor/ FacultyTypeDownload
Introduction to NOAA CESSRST Science: Tropics to ArcticDr. Jorge CorredorSB & HIRES
Heat Vulnerability of NYC caused by the Urban Heat Island using uHMT Weather Station DataAdrian Pena and Tarendra LakhankarHIRES
Autonomous Localization and Calibration of Drone-based Remote SensingDr. Miguel Velez-Reyes & Robert C. RobertsSB Only

Accelerated Tropical Forest Inventories with AINick Steiner and Kyle McDonaldHIRES Only
Social Science and Ecosystem ServicesShakila Merchant, Siena Dante and Tarendra LakhankarHIRES Only
A Spatial Analysis of Microfibers in Estuary SystemsTimothy Medina, Rose Jimenez, Nicole Torres, and Valerie WereHIRES Only
ISCCP Convection Tracking of Severe Storms and Economic ImpactsChad Small and Johnny LuoHIRES Only
Changing Water Use Patterns during COVID-19 in NYCDr. Indrani PalSB & HIRES

Chaparral Stand age and C sequestration potential and BiomassDr. Walter OechelSB Only
Comparison of aerosol/Raman Lidar for measurement of Atmospheric Aerosols and Water Vapor using Ceilometer ObservationsTBDSB Only
Data Analytics and dimension reductionsDr. Ronak EtemadpourSB Only
Drone-based environmental monitoring of water and vegetationDr. Ivonne SantiagoSB Only
Drought early warning and forecasting in the United States NOAA storm dataNir krakauer & Tarendra LakhankarSB Only
Evaluating Potential Ocean/Coastal Environmental Changes from the COVID-19 ShutdownDr. Kyle McDonald & Dr. Andrea Gomez
Help build an ozone lidar at CCNYDr. Fred MosharySB Only
Impact of COVID-19 to Air Quality in Baltimore-Washington DCTBDSB Only
Impact of Smoke of Prescribed Fires in Mid-Atlantic Air QualityDr. Ruben DelgadoSB Only
Integration of CESSRST Lidar/Ceilometer data to MONETDr. Ruben DelgadoSB Only
Is the weather getting weirder? A physical and statistical study of trends in weather variabilityDr. James Booth & Jiehao LuoSB Only
Mapping and Analysis of COVID-19 spread using Satellite products and Socioeconomic dataCaroline Schwab, Engela Sthapit, Candace Agonafir, Kenneth Arguedas and Tarendra Lakhankar
Characterizing & Mapping drought frequency and economic impact in the Northeast United StatesNir Krakauer & Luis GeraldinoSB & HIRES
Photosynthesis, respiration, C sequestration in Chaparral as affected by drought, age, and climate.Dr. Walter OechelSB Only
Satellite Data Analysis of Stratospheric H2ODr. John AndersonSB Only
Satellite Data Analysis of Stratospheric HClDr. John AndersonSB Only
Satellite Data Analysis of Stratospheric O3Dr. John AndersonSB Only
Scanning Lidar Observation of Pollution Movement in NYCDr. Fred Moshay & Adrian F. DiazSB & HIRES
Socio-economic and environmental factors affecting COVID-19 distribution in NYCCheila Cullen
Streamflow Prediction using Deep Learning ModelsDr. Ronak Etemadpour
The environmental impact of COVID-19 pandemic on atmospheric N pollution in urban coastal regionsDr. Maria Tzortziou & Alana Menendez & Dilchard Nauth
Understanding the subtle differences between heavy precipitation and floodingDr. James Booth & Carolien MosselSB OnlyDownload
Quantifying the impact of US events weather and climate extremesDr. Reza Khanbilvardi & Niloufar Nouri

Do similar stations get the weather wrong in similar ways?
Michael Grossberg & Hannah AizenmanSB & HIRESDownload
Can you spot the difference? Micheal Grossberg & Brian V. Hull

How do we enhance fire images using deep learning?
Michael Grossberg & Hannah Aizenman