HIRES 2021

Programming Course in Octave

Said Mejia – smejiamanrique@ccny.cuny.edu

This short but intense course is designed to introduce environmental oriented students to the basic functionality and programming environment of Octave.  Octave is a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics for Statistical Computing. Throughout the course, students will be exposed to the basic programming tools and how this can be applied to visualization and analyze relevant engineering problems.  In addition, a strong focus will be made on the development and illustration of basic statistical tools critical for data analysis as well as exposure to different graphics and mapping tools to assist in the visualization and subsequent analysis of problems. Finally, students will have the opportunity to work with real data sets from both ground based and satellite measurements. 

Installation of the software: A prior meeting before the classes start will be placed to help the students in the installation of the Octave software.

Documents and data: A Dropbox folder will be provided that contains all the material including a PDF version of each of the lessons and data.

Assignments: The course will have 5 assignments with a weight of 20% each. It should be mentioned that each of them will be assigned after each of the lessons. In addition, a Dropbox link will be provided to the students in order to submit each of their assignments.

Lesson 1:
·         Introduction of Octave
·         Octave Basics
·         Scripts and Functions
Lesson 2:
·         Plotting
·         Boolean Logic and Decisions
·         Cell Arrays
Lesson 3:
·         Loops
·         Multi-dimensional Arrays (Matrices)
·         Nested Loops and Decision Structures
Lesson 4:
·         Files: Reading and Writing text files
·         Load Function
Lesson 5:
·         Read .csv Files
·         Basic Statistical Analysis using Octave
·         Raster