Site Visits

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, NY

On Friday July 11th, HIRES interns visited the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook NY. The main purpose of taking them there was study Land, Water and Atmospheric Characteristics. The interns spent the day conducting hands on field experiments such as: leaf area index, measuring surface temperatures and soil moisture using l-band radiometers. One of the most unique opportunities’ that was given to them was to be able to view a weather station. They were explained the importance of having weather stations in that weather experts use technology and data from these stations and satellites from all over the world to predict data which is known as weather forecasting.

Photos from the trip.

National Weather Service Office at Brookhaven National Laboratory

On Friday July 25th, HIRES interns visited the National Weather Service Forecast Office at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Jeff Tongue, a NOAA science and operations officer and a NWS meteorologist, introduced the students to the NWS and how they serve society. He and his staff then led students on a tour of the NWS office, where students gained a greater understanding of all the data these scientists are using to analyze and predict the weather. Students had fun going on a temperature scavenger hunt around an area of the BNL campus, to understand surface temperature versus air temperature, and participating in an energetic round of weather jeopardy. A highlight of this trip is the launching of the weather balloon, which was particularly interesting this year, as students plotted the pressure, height, and temperature data that were being recorded by the balloon in real time!

Photos from the trip.

American Museum of Natural History

On Wednesday August 13th, HIRES interns spent the day at the American Museum of Natural History. Students had a great time watching the 3D film, Great White Sharks, visiting the Spiders Alive! Exhibit, and particularly enjoyed watching The Dark Universe film at the Planetarium. For many students, this visit reminded them of their love for science and curiosity about different aspects of our planet.

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

The final visit of the summer was to The Intrepid Museum on Friday August 15th. The students went on a tour of the museum with a really enthusiastic and informative guide. Students learned about the history of the boat, and then about the various planes on board- and the shuttle! On the flight deck, students were even allowed to go through the security gates and get right next to two different planes- both used for surveillance.

Photos from the trip.