CUNY-Snow Analysis and Field Experiment

Research Objectives:

Enhance comprehension of microwave radiation interaction with snow, focusing on absorption and scattering processes, and investigate time series analysis of microwave brightness temperature for snow-covered terrain throughout the winter season.

Develop new algorithms and validate existing ones (CRTM and HUT) for snow cover and snow water equivalent estimation, while creating techniques for precise snow depth and moisture assessment using microwave radiometry.

Examine the impact of snow moisture on microwave emissions, considering potential differences between wet and dry snow, and analyze microwave data for three distinct snowpack stages to comprehend seasonal property changes: early and mid-winter, spring (melt-freeze period), and melting period.

Simulate snowpack physical properties using snow physics models, such as SNTHERM, and investigate the viability of employing microwave radiometry for remote snow property sensing, like depth and wetness, in areas where on-site measurements are impractical.

Create innovative satellite-based snow property retrieval methods and develop advanced satellite-based snow retrieval techniques.

Offer hands-on field work training for undergraduate and graduate students, and evaluate newly developed instruments in the field of snow research.




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