The Center for Water Resources and Environmental Research (CWRER) is tackling the diverse and interdisciplinary problems of water resources and environmental issues with broad approaches beginning with research on the sources of natural hazard, pollution movement, surface water, wetland preservation, watershed management, hydraulics and hydrology of natural flow systems, climate change impact on Water-Energy Nexus, preservation of ecology, and related topics. Included are both technical and social/political issues arising from these problems.
Research Objectives

The Center’s research objectives are:

• Conduct research to develop strategies for Climate Change Adaptation
• Develop framework for quantifying and analyzing Climate-induced Water Risk
• Conduct multi-disciplinary research on protection of the environment and minimization of pollution hazards to the Water Resources, Hydrological and Ecological Systems.
• Train and education for environmental and Water Resources Management Systems.
• Develop technologies for Hydrological Extremes Monitoring and Prediction.
• Encourage International Collaboration on Water Challenges at Regional and Global Scales.