Technical Core Competency

This section covers basic concepts needed to understand remote sensing retrievals, algorithm development and computer modeling

  • Remote Sensing
  • Data Science and Cloud Computing
  • Algorithm Development
  • Modeling of the Earth System

This course covers basic concepts needed to understand remote sensing retrievals.  Though some retrievals are presented, the emphasis is on the underlying theory.  The goal is mastery in such topics as optical depth, Rayleigh scattering and brightness temperature, familiarity with other topics.

students will understand the overview of Data Science, covering a broad selection of key challenges in and methodologies for working with big data. Topics to be covered include data collection, integration, management, modeling, and visualization. Student will get understanding of current status of NOAA and other agencies, their need of cloud computing related to weather and climate modelling. Student will learn basic understanding of data cleaning, identifying data trends, and data analysis. Students will be introduced to Amazon Web Services with sample examples of cloud computing.