Satellite Receiving Station

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The Satellite Receiving Station (SRS) consists of two separate antennas and acquisition systems. Data types that can be received and processed are from X-band transmitting polar orbiting satellites, Terra and Aqua, both equipped with MODIS instruments, Suomi NPP  and L-band data from the geostationary (GEOS-12) satellite. Using a 2.4m robot-controlled positioning antenna enclosed in a weatherproof dome, X-band data is acquired, processed and archived daily. Concurrently, GOES data is also acquired, processed and archived using a nearby stationary 3.7m antenna. This is CREST primary tool for Remote Sensing and earth observation studies.
Suomi NPP RGB Image over Eastern US , June 16th 2014

Some Products Include:

  • Suomi/NPP VIIRS
  • GOES products include images of the Earth’s surface and cloud cover derived from radiation samples of the Earth and its atmosphere.
  • MODIS Products (Level 0) – raw radiances
  • MODIS Products (Level 1B)
  • MODIS Products (Level 2)
    • Aerosols
    • Cloud Properties
    • Cloud Profiles
    • Corrected Reflectances
    • Forest Fires
    • Ocean Color
    • Sea Surface Temperature
    • Sea Ice
    • Snow Cover
    • Vegetation