Everyone thinks about forecasting in connection to weather. In this camp you will have two opportunities to make weather forecasts:

  • First Week – using weather maps, weather station data, radar and satellite only, no computer models! This will develop your skill in predicting trends and using physical reasoning, and is the way all forecasts were done until the 1970’s.
  • Second Week – using the skills you learned above, in addition to the computer model forecasts. Despite immense sophistication and decades of development, the computer models still do not produce perfect results. Modern forecasters rely on their experience with observed trends in combination with computer forecasts (which they call ‘guidance’) to produce their best predictions. You will get a flavor of this.

Every year we bring in guest instructors with experience in forecasting to show you their art. We have had everything from amateur (but very experienced) forecasters to official Air Force forecasters. You will not only learn from them, but try your skills presenting your own forecasts. If we are lucky, you may have a chance to try reading forecasts in front of the green screen in the NBC weather center at Rockefeller Center!

A high point of the camp is a visit to Janice Huff (when possible), the NBC 4 forecaster who also gets called in to explain severe weather on the Today Show. She and her team explain how they do a forecast and prepare it for television. You might get to try it yourself!