The current staff

Dr Brian Vant-Hull
Camp Director
A research meteorologist with training in physics and atmospheric science, with research experience in satellite studies of clouds and the urban heat island. He is a former high school physics teacher both in the USA and West Africa. At the instigation of the CREST Institute he created the New York Weather Camp in 2009 and has been running it ever since.
Olga Joseph
Forecasting Coach
A past freelance broadcast meteorologist for WKYC in Cleveland, WUSA in Washington DC, and IHeartMedia. Olga Joseph is currently the Communications and Outreach Manager for NOAA-CREST, and will guide you through making and presenting a forecast.
Jeffrey Tongue
Science and Operations Officer
NWS office, Brookhaven, NY
In addition to over 20 years experience in the National Weather Service, He is an assistant professor of Earth and Space Sciences at Suffolk Community College and a Lecturer at Stony Brook University. He is our guide to the National Weather Service
Michael Balk
Outdoor Facilitator
A free lance computer specialist, his outdoor experience started as an Eagle Scout, and has continued with a myriad of experiences including scuba, skiing, hang gliding and an agricultural extension agent. As a member of the ski patrol he is fully certified in advanced first aid. He will keep the camping component running smoothly.