CREST outreaches more than 500 students each year through various events such as conferences, and summer programs. CREST summer education and outreach programs for K-20 community includes site visits to facilities in NY and Weather Camps.

Some of the prominent Outreach program includes:

  • HIRES – formerly SHIP Summer High School Internship Program. it is the High School Initiative in Remote Sensing of the Earth Systems Science and Technology. HIRES is a program within the CREST CUNY Institute which offers high school students an opportunity  to work closely with scientists in the field and in labs, collect and analyze data, present at conferences, and more!
  • WeatherCamp :   is a two week program for high school students from the New York City metropolitan area, and has been offered free of charge to 6-12 students selected via an application process since 2009. If you are interested and will have completed the 9th grade by the summer, click the link above