Month: February 2014

NOAA study finds high levels of pollutants in Guánica Bay ‘represent serious toxic threat’ to corals, fish

Effort creates ecological baseline to improve watershed management February 6, 2014 Aerial view of study area. (Credit: NOAA) The pollutants measured in the sediments of Guánica Bay, Puerto Rico, in a new NOAA studywere among the highest concentrations of PCBs, chlordane, chromium and nickel ever measured in the history of NOAA’s National Status & Trends, a …

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Polar Vortex Enters Northern U.S.

Polar Vortex Enters Northern U.S. The polar vortex is a whirling and persistent large area of low pressure, found typically over both North and South poles. The northern polar vortex was pushing southward over western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota on Monday, Jan. 6, 2014, and was bringing frigid temperatures to half of the continental United …

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